Saturday, December 31, 2011

Up Late The Last Morning Of 2011 Thinking About Not Ringing In The New Year & Pro Bono Nutcases

You can not glean the fact, via the view from my primary viewing portal on the world, that I am up long after the arrival of the sun on this last morning of the year 2011.

The sky is completely blue in my view this morning, reflected in the bluish tint of the picture.

Since this is the last morning of 2011 that would seem to mean this evening is New Year's Eve.

I am not a big fan of making any sort of big deal out of New Year's Eve.

The last time I did make a big deal out of New Year's Eve was at the turn of the century. I went to downtown Fort Worth's celebration of the incoming year 2000. That is over 10 years ago, so my memory of that night is a bit fuzzy. But, I think I had fun.

Changing the subject from New Year's Eve to crazy people.

The first couple of my years in Texas I participated in a thing called a newsgroup, on this thing called USENET, for people in the D/FW zone. This was sort of like a primitive version of Facebook. It was on this newsgroup I met people like Alma, the Songbird of the Texas Gulf Coast and Gar the Texan.

And others.

Including a person calling himself Sonny Pro Bono. Sonny Pro Bono's deal was to try and provoke people. He was very inappropriate and rude. And not even remotely funny. Eventually Sonny Pro Bono's bad behavior escalated to the point where he had a face to face confrontation that resulted in Sonny Pro Bono getting beat up by a guy whose wife Sonny Pro Bono had insulted.

During the time frame of doing blogging I've never had any Sonny Pro Bono type commenting nutcases. Til lately. I don't have any understanding of this type odd behavior. I do find it amusing, but not even remotely in the way intended by the one providing the amusement.

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Anonymous said...

Sonny Pro Bono is Kenneth Ray Martin