Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Week Until Christmas Thinking About Being Naughty To Fat Judgmental Bastards

When I stepped outside to look through the bars of my patio prison the sun was at least a half hour from its scheduled arrival.

The heater in the sky has now arrived, illuminating the 3rd Sunday of the last month of 2011 sufficiently that I can sort of see that it appears the sky is semi-clear of clouds.

Currently it is 47 degrees in the outer world at my location on the planet.

It is now one week til Christmas, the day in pre-Jesus times that celebrated the Winter Solstice, though 3 days later than the day when the sun reaches its lowest position as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere.

The most amusing thing I've seen today, so far, was from CD0103, on Facebook. CD0103 is a bit of a bad girl. She let Santa know that she had been naughty this year, and that she did not care that she had been naughty, telling Santa that, "I've been naughty...and it was worth it, you fat, judgmental bastard."

Methinks CD0103 is going to find some lumps of coal in her Christmas stocking.

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cd0103 said...

Glad you enjoyed. I was having a bit of a "bah-humbug" day yesterday. When I was younger if we were in a bad mood during the holidays we would say we were "bah-humming".