Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To A Fort Worth Native Exiled To Washington Who Hates It There

Sick From Organic Food
Tacoma non-native, MBK, put this on Facebook yesterday.

I found it amusing.

Particularly the "This is SO Seattle. I hate it here" part.

MBK is a Fort Worth native, exiled to Washington, living in Tacoma.

I am a Skagit Valley native, exiled to Texas, living in Fort Worth.

Yesterday when I was at Town Talk I had intended to take a picture for MBK, because she misses Town Talk. There is nothing in Tacoma like Town Talk.

I think MBK dislikes living in Washington way more than I dislike living in Texas.

I would never say I hate it here.

I'm sure MBK does not hate everything about living in Washington.

I suspect, due to all the cooking she does, that MBK likes the variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood she finds in Washington.

For example, it is way easier than it is in Texas to find blackberries in Washington. And they are free for the picking.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to MBK and I hope being a Christmas caregiver is not exhausting her too much.

And, speaking of smoking Hookah. Just last night Tootsie Tonasket was talking about opening a Hookah Lounge in her town in Eastern Washington. Tootsie Tonasket will having nothing to do with that weed stuff, however, except for medical purposes to treat her painful sciatica.


MLK said...

Love your post, Durango. Spot on!

Bubba said...

I'm gonna call one of the local country stations and request they play George Strait's "Does Fort Worth, Texas ever cross your mind?" in your honor (and exile), MLK.