Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Am A Rather Fascinating Fantasy Love Interest With A Closed-Head Injury Who Watches Drivel On TV

The Jerk
Last Friday I blogged about the news that Tim Love apparently owns Fort Worth, according to fellow celebrity chef, Hugh Acheson.

That blogging generated an odd comment from someone calling him or herself Anonymous.

That Anonymous comment generated a couple other comments, one of which opined that the original Anonymous was a jerk.

I can understand why someone might opine that that original Anonymous was a jerk.

Last night I got an additional comment from that original Anonymous. Anonymous made many interesting "points" in this new comment, but first s/he made it clear that s/he was "not a jerk."

And then s/he proceeded to spew the same type verbiage that caused a comment maker to make the original comment that the original Anonymous was a jerk.

This is last night's Anonymous comment........

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "On Top Chef Texas This Week We Learned That Tim Love Owns Fort Worth & Loves Tequila": 

I am not a jerk, just discriminating tastes as to tv I've watched since 50's childhood and seen the growth or lack therewith. Who of the two (maybe three) of you have ever watched "The Wire?" Hollywood is becoming more like old hackneyed network tv and good tv is becoming more like what Hollywood used to deliver when character development, nuance, social commentary/justice meant for an experience. Durango watches drivel. Housewives acting badly and badly staged, laughable, artificial faux relationships. Probably because he's too cheap to pay for anything else; 

I suspect, like me, you are women, who find Durango rather fascinating and why you so quickly rise to any perceived threat to your fantasy single man love interest. I, on the other hand, ponder he may have a closed-head injury, which explains his veering from the mundane to the profound.... or one cagey SOB pandering to an audience. I can get weather reports elsewhere, like a boring mother-in-law.

Now you can explore those possibilities or remain a chorus of spring peeper frogs.

Well. I feel like I've got my first stalker since the Tacoma Enormity known as Fubbo was caught repeatedly stalking me. Somehow Anonymous knows what I watch on TV and that what I watch is drivel. And that I am too cheap to pay for anything but drivel. And that I suffer from something called a closed-head injury which causes me to be mundane, like a boring mother-in-law.

What a jerk.

In this comment Anonymous is also claiming to be a woman who is fascinated by me and my drivel. My team of forensic blog comment analyzers is 99.5% certain that this Anonymous commenter is a man, not a woman.

How is Anonymous able to opine about the Bravo TV show drivel I watch, like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, saying it is badly staged, featuring fake relationships, among other things, unless s/he has watched the drivel?

"Hollywood is becoming more like old hackneyed network TV, while "good" TV is becoming like what Hollywood used to deliver?"

I love it when sophisticated intellectuals share their vastly superior understanding of serious issues, like TV, with badly educated, unsophisticated, attracted to drivel, people like me.

Spring Peeper Frog
I don't get why Anonymous even looks at my blog if it vexes him/her so much? I can't imagine making such strangely judgmental comments over something as innocuous as someone's blog.

I have to admit I find it a bit disturbing that Anonymous finds me rather fascinating, along with this fascination causing love interest fantasies.

I had to Google "Spring Pepper Frogs" to learn what they are.

I really don't like it when highly educated sophisticates, like Anonymous, toss out references to things that lesser minds, like mine, with my closed-head injury, can not understand, without using Google.


Elsie sezs- said...

To Anonymous,

Don't mess With Durango.

His women friends don't like it.

If you don't like it, spend less time here and more with your your tv.

Durango said...

Thanks Elsie, for looking out for me, what with my closed-head injury, I can barely fend for myself. So, co-fenders are greatly appreciated.

CatsPaw said...

Every time Anon-I-Am-Not-A-Jerk comes to visit, just think of how much Adsense money is adding up to pay for your addled-head medical care.

o/~ Ka-chingle bells ka-chingle bells, now just who's a jerk? o/~

Durango said...

Thanks, CatsPaw, for reminding me of AdSense and how helpful Anon-I-Am-Not-A-Jerk is in revenue generating. Helpful on the TV Blog too, where I go on and on in my mundane fashion about the drivel I watch on TV.