Monday, December 19, 2011

The 3rd Monday Of December With Incoming Thunder In A World Without Kim Jong Il

The view appears to be a bit blue on this 3rd Monday morning of the last month of 2011, looking out my primary viewing portal on the world on Day 19 of December.

Currently the outer world at my location is being heated to 21 degrees above freezing.

The weather prognosticators are prognosticating that today lightning may be striking, along with rain, on this slightly parched part of the planet.

Changing the subject from my favorite one to other parts of the weird world we live in.

It was not shocking news to learn this morning that the little man who ruled North Korea, Kim Jong Il, died on Saturday. The little man's young son, Kim Jong Un, was picked by the little man to be his replacement. I don't know if this is how Lenin envisioned a communist government's leader picking method to be. A family hierarchy, like the Windsors in England.

Or the Grangers in Fort Worth.

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Kim Iz Gone said...

How about that, the Fort Worth Way being practiced half way across planet Earth in Communist North Korea.