Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Wind Doth Blow Across The Texas Prairie Today With Fosdic Ducks & Solar Panels

Birds Of Various Feathers
 Flocking Together On Lake Fosdic
The weather predictors were predicting accurately this morning when they predicted it would be windy today.

At ground level the gusts seem to be coming from the west. At sky level the clouds seem to be coming from the south. The temperature has dropped to 52 in the early afternoon, after starting the day in the 60s.

On my way to Town Talk today I stopped for a very brisk walk in the very brisk wind that is blowing around Fosdic Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

It was so windy I thought there should be waves making whitecaps. But there weren't.

Birds of various feathers were sticking together in the wind, with a bunch of ducks seeming to be being guarded by some big white birds. The quacking was a cacophony.

What Is This Mysterious Device?
A month or so ago there appeared something perplexing by the spillway of Lake Fosdic Dam.

A post cemented into the ground with an antenna at the top and what looks to be some sort of solar panel. A cable runs underground to a pipe that runs to the spillway.

Is this to measure the water flow over the dam? Something that does not happen too often lately on this parched part of the planet.

A little dribble was dripping over the spillway today, thanks to last night's little amount of rain.

There must be some really good explanation why the City of Fort Worth, with its budget woes, spent money on this particular waiting to be vandalized device.

Yet one more thing to be perplexed about. Like the latest mailing from the Trinity River Vision, which arrived in my mailbox today. More on that later.

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Mike Wegner said...

Durango, we're looking forward to your commentary on the TRV flyer as well as on this news story from today's FWS-T:

As usual, the best part of the S-T article was the comments section.