Monday, October 24, 2011

Nurse Martha Had Me At The Proper Use Of You're

Nurse Martha had this "You had me at the proper use of You're" graphic on Facebook this morning. I thought it was amusing.

Months ago, also on Facebook, Miss Connie liked, "THEY'RE going THERE with THEIR friends. It's called grammar, use it."

I know of one grammar challenged person who's chronic improper use of "your" identifies her like a fingerprint when she tries to do some of her evildoing anonymously.

To accidentally type "your" when you mean "you're" is an accident most everyone has had a time or two. To do this chronically is another thing. It's indicative of either a bad education, not being very bright, not caring, being lazy or a combo of any number of reasons.

Speaking of a time or "two" "to" do this "too", that's another one that some seem to have trouble with. Two, to and two.

Another pet peeve of mine in this area is misspelling. I know of one particularly blogger who, in addition to chronically making the above mentioned grammar errors, constantly misspells. The Blogger program has a built  in spell checker. How does someone not notice a word getting redflagged as misspelled, which just happened with redflagged, which apparently I have misspelled. The spell checker wants to me change redflagged to either red flagged or red-flagged.

The chronic misspeller to whom I've referenced doesn't even fix misspelled words that are not even words. Like this particular challenged person will type "ment" when she means "meant" and not notice that "ment" has been red-flagged. Or care.

The way karma works I have likely made some embarrassing grammar or spelling area in this particular blogging. I'm sure someone will  point it out to me if I have.


Anonymous said...

You're so right:

"I know of one grammar-challenged person *whose* chronic improper use..."

inthepinez said...

Spelling error. Not spelling area. However this is not a grammar or spelling error; it's an eggcorn.