Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Am Not Swimming This Stormy Texas Morning While I Worry About Going Hungry In Tarrant County With Trader Joe's

Looking skyward, through the bars that fence me in, at storm clouds blowing in from St. Louis, after causing the cancellation of last night's World Series game, on this last Thursday of the 10th month of 2011.

It is only 54 degrees in the outer world in my location. And very windy.

I am not going to brave the elements by going swimming this morning.

Changing the subject from swimming to being hungry.

The past couple weeks there has been this little girl and even littler boy in my neighborhood who have repeatedly asked me if I'd like to buy some chocolate. I always decline the offer. There are a lot of little kids in my neighborhood. This pair are the only ones hawking chocolate.

Then yesterday in the early evening I returned from foraging for food at Wal-Mart. As I walked away from my vehicle the little girl approached me. Again. I figured I was about to be asked if I wanted chocolate. Again.

But, this time the little girl asked if those were chips she saw in one of my grocery bags. No, there are no chips in there, I told her.

I then asked if she was hungry. With a pitiful look on her face she said yes.

I had no instant edibles in any of the bags that I could give her. I felt real bad about this.

Weeks ago I was sort of shocked to read in what passes for a newspaper in these parts that 25% of Tarrant County kids are not adequately nutrified. As in hungry.

How can that many kids be hungry? Are food stamps no longer easy to get? Next time I'm at ALDI I'm going to get a supply of little chip bags. I don't want a repeat of yesterday's pitifulness.

On a non-starvation food related note. I was pleased to read this morning in what passes for a newspaper in these parts that Trader Joe's is going to be opening a store in Fort Worth. Those of you who don't know Trader Joe's I can tell you it is a good thing, sort of a discount gourmet food store.


Gar said...

How can you mistake where for were? I'm worried about you.

I knew a little kid who was hungry once. It was because her mom had plenty of money, but was strung out on drugs half the time and never bothered to buy food or feed her child.

You should buy apples instead of chips.

Next thing you know your neighborhood children will be obese with complexion problems because of your guilt ridden distribution of greasy bags of chips.

Durango said...

Gar---there are healthy type chips that are not fried. Like apple chips that I can give the begging buggers.

I had a bad foreboding feeling when I blogged about grammar errors that I would then start chronically making them.

Thank you for your concern.