Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fogless Tuesday Morning With The Texas Rangers On The Verge Of Winning The World Series

There is no fog clouding the view from my primary viewing portal on the outer world on this final Tuesday of the 10th month of 2011.

No fog and the outer world is currently being heated to a relatively balmy 61 at my location on this parched part of the planet.

I have never aboded in a location only a few miles from where a World Series is being played. Apparently last night the Texas Ranger won again, taking a 3 to 2 lead in the series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

I'm guessing the World Series returns to St. Louis now for the final game or games. If the Texas Rangers win the series, and I am almost certain they will, where will the requisite celebration parade take place? Arlington really does not have much of a downtown. The big town in the county the Rangers play in is Fort Worth. Will the parade take place in Fort Worth?

Or will the celebration parade take place in the Big City of the D/FW Metroplex? That would be Dallas.

Maybe the Texas Rangers could just parade around the parking lots that surround the Ballpark in Arlington and Cowboys Stadium.

I think I will go swimming now and further ponder this perplexing conundrum. Or not.


CatsPaw said...

Pssst ... I am no baseball fan either, but 12 months ago I believe you were aboding a few miles from where a World Series was being played. Since there was no parade in the parking lots or cars turned over and set on fire, it's somewhat forgettable.

Durango said...

I know I'm not a baseball fan, CatsPaw, but that is truly troubling that I forgot Texas was in the World Series last year. I may be exhibiting early stages of Alzheimers. Maybe they did not come close to winning the series last year, thus causing me to forget about it.