Friday, October 21, 2011

Confirming That There Are Now Two Giant Tires On The Tandy Hills While Worshiping At The New Tandy Shrine With Fort Worth Sewer Guys

The Tandy Hills Horse Shrine
I had not planned on returning to the Tandy Hills today. It seems like I was just there yesterday.

But extremely pleasant temperatures and an anonymous comment from someone calling him or herself :"Anonymous" had me deciding to go to the Tandy Hills today.

Anonymous made a comment to a blogging yesterday where I mentioned another GIANT Tire had appeared on the Tandy Hills.

This is what Anonymous had to say...

I'm pretty sure it is the same tire as Tire Number One, and just appears to be Tire Number Two by virtue of its having (by itself or with help) moved a bit northwest (a direction with which you are obviously familiar). It has been lollygagging in its new spot for a while now.

And while we are in Tandy Hills, how come no pictures of the monument taking shape at the junction where the North Trail Up The Hill and South Trail Up The Hill merge into The Trail Up The Hill? The little horse on wheels has been joined by golf balls, an electric cable insulator, and a really large hollowed-out bone. If you've been taking the New Trail Up The Hill Recently Hewn By City Workers, then you would miss the newest art installation, thus explaining the lack of pictures.

(Which is fine by me since encouraging artists by noticing what they do can lead to unpredictable results, not all of which are pleasant.)

I was 100% certain I'd seen two GIANT Tires yesterday, so I felt compelled to confirm the existence of two GIANT Tandy Tires with photo documentation. And to check out the new, apparently ever growing, Tandy Hills Shrine. That is the new shrine above. The view from the shrine is looking west at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

The most interesting, or disturbing, part of the new Tandy Shrine is one of the pieces Anonymous mentioned, that being the "really large hollowed-out bone." Is it a Cow bone? Dog bone? Human bone?

Giant Tandy Tire #1 With Baseball Cap
Above is the original GIANT Tandy Tire in its resting place in a dry Tandy Creek bed. This particular GIANT Tandy Tire is still wearing the baseball cap I pointed out a couple days ago. Now let's move on to GIANT Tandy Tire #2.

Giant Tandy Tire #2 Without Baseball Cap
As you can see, this GIANT Tire is not resting in a dry creek bed. It is laying on the ground near one of the odd green and white posts that appeared within the past year or two. Please make note of the tire tracks on the Tandy Highway. Those tire tracks were not there yesterday. I decided to follow the tracks to see where they led, since that sign that you saw by the new Tandy Shrine clearly says "NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES."

Fort Worth Sewer Guy's Tandy Hills Transport Device
I headed south on the Tandy Highway, following the tire tracks. After a quarter mile, give or take a few feet, I heard voices. Then a white pickup truck could be seen through the brush.

My one long time reader may remember I have an aversion to white pickup trucks. They have been nothing but trouble to me.

I continued on my quest and soon saw what had been making the tracks on the Tandy Highway that led all the way to GIANT Tandy Tire #2. It is the Fort Worth Sewer guys back doing what ever it is they do every once in awhile on the Tandy Hills.

Changing the subject from Tires and Shrines to the temperature. It is surprisingly warm today. Almost 80 at the present point in time. I thought the hiking with minimalist outerwear days were over for the year. As I often am, I was wrong. I heard on the radio, though, on the way to the Tandy Hills, that a new cold front is scheduled to arrive in a few days. Possibly with the first freeze of the year? I don't know.


Anonymous said...

So there are two hefty tires after all! I was wrong. Perhaps they are gathering for some reason?

The sign under which the little wheeled horse is tethered clearly says 'No Horses'. I assume only organic horses are illegal, and little wheeled plastic horses are permitted. Otherwise I'm sure the very efficient local authorities would have removed the offending pony.

As for that bone, I think it is from an ox, killed by marauding wolves after ox fever weakened it, having previously been part of a team hauling a wagon across the prairie in the late 1800s, said wagon having belonged to one Francis Stoutwhistle, who owned the first candle shop in Fort Worth.

Just a guess.

Durango said...

Yes, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, there are definitely 2 GIANT Tandy Tires. Where are they coming from and who is going to the effort to roll those heavy things to these locations? Almost as big a mystery as why did someone haul a dozen bamboo poles to the center of the hills to assemble a bamboo teepee?

If I remember right the first time I saw the Tandy Pony I made note of the fact that it appeared to be in violation of the sign. Obviously lax law enforcement on the Tandy Hills.

I like your theory regarding the bone.