Friday, July 29, 2011

We Are Cooling Down In North Texas While I Help Gar The Texan Find The Best German Beer In America

My best friend with an IQ over 165, that being Gar the Texan, thinks I am temperature obsessed due to suffering from something called SSAD, with those SSAD initials being the short way of saying Summer Seasonally Affected Disorder.

Apparently I have had episodes where I have been unreasonably cranky, due to being overheated.

Gar the Texan has also made note of the fact that around 80% of my 20 to 30 bloggings a day seem to have something to do with the temperature.

Well, the thing is, the temperature is a HOT topic. I just realized a couple minutes ago that my Google AdSense revenue has already broken the monthly revenue record, with 2 days to go in July.

Now, I know Gar the Texan, with the advantage of his Ultra IQ, does better than I do with the pertinent blogging subjects. I imagine he has brought in a small fortune with his search for the perfect German beer made in America. And his parenting adventures.

Now, switching the subject from Gar the Texan and his parenting adventures, back to the temperature. I do not believe we hit the 100 mark today. If that is the case, the streak is over, with the 2011 streak being, I think, the 3rd longest in North Texas history, as measured at the official station at D/FW Airport.

If we don't get to 100 on Saturday, apparently a new streak of 100 degree days will begin on Sunday, with this coming Tuesday currently scheduled to be heated to a HOT 106.

We are currently scheduled to only get to 97 tomorrow. A 2 degree reduction from the previous prediction. Earlier I saw some big cumulus clouds that I assumed were due to Tropical Storm Don. But those clouds currently do not seem to be increasing.

Even so, I suspect there may be some thunderbolts jolting me in a few hours.

In the meantime I'm going with Gar the Texan to help in his quest to find an American Hefeweizen beer that is at a German quality level. This is an important project. It would be much easier if we were up in Washington doing this search, what with Washington's many brewpubs. For a state where the people seem to like their beer drinking, there seems to be a serious brewpub shortage in Texas.


MLK said...

You ought to try the Flying Saucer downtown Fort Worth.

I used to go EVERY Wednesday for "Brewery Night' where you could buy a glass of beer and get an unusual or interesting beer glass.

I would recommend you taking my place. Go there this Wednesday, around 630, and ask for patron George Roberts, who is my friend. He can hook you up with some good beer. The boy knows his beer, and is a nice fella. All the waitresses know him. He usually sits with a guy named Emil. Go.It is your next assignment.

Durango said...

Thank you for the spiritual advice, MLK. I have been to the Flying Saucer previously, years ago. I do not recollect having a libation. Going to downtown Fort Worth is not as fun and easy as it used to be, what with the loss of the easy parking and the subway taking you from the easy parking to the heart of downtown.