Saturday, July 16, 2011

Texas Beekeeper Rescues 250,000 Bees Living In An Austin Home

Weird news this morning from a town in Texas called Austin.

A beekeeper named Walter Schumacher, keeping bees for a business called Central Texas Bee Rescue, rescued around a quarter million bees that were living in a 7 foot hive. In a house.

The 7 foot hive was one of the biggest the beekeeper, Walter Schumacher, has ever seen.

The 7 foot bee hive was in a home lived in by an Austinite named Lillian Johnson. Lillian does not remember a time when bees were not humming in her kitchen walls.

The humming in the walls has been going on for around 40 years.

Occasionally bees would manage to get into the house. Lillian would try and close off the bees house access with tape. I assume duct tape.

The bee tipping point, that finally had Lillian getting a beekeeper into her house, was the worry that her 5 month old son might be stung by one of the frequent buzzing intruders.

I remember years ago when Big Ed's big twin, Wally, had a beehive in his attic. It was very unsettling. I do not remember how Wally got rid of his bee problem. I am fairly certain that Central Texas Bee Rescue and beekeeper Walter Schumacher were not involved in removing that particular beehive.

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