Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Believe The Current North Texas 100 Or Over Streak Has Ended With Incoming Of 108

I am almost 100% we did not hit 100 today, thus ending the streak of 100 or over HOT days at 28 in a row.

But, look what we have to look forward to. 108 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meanwhile in Phoenix it is currently 109.3, with the Real Feel Heat Index making it feel like 114. Currently Phoenix is not benefiting from a lack of humidity due to being in a desert. It is monsoon season in the Valley of the Sun.

And then we have my old home location of the Flatlands of the Skagit Valley in the cool, wet state of Washington. Right now it is 71.8 with the Real Feel Heat Index making it feel like a balmy 76.

I do not remember the Heat Index having been invented yet when I lived in Washington. I do remember when 76 degrees felt really HOT to me.

Currently my air-conditioner is set at 80. That feels cool to me.

We can blame CatsPaw for availing me of way too much temperature information feeding my temperature fixation.

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Steve A said...

DFW Airport hit 100 again today to keep the streak alive. So says the NWS. The high was at 3:28PM.