Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A HOT Reflection On The Top Of Mount Tandy Thinking About My Mom & Dad & Nephews

In the picture I am on top of Mount Tandy, today around noon. As you can see I discovered a new way of taking a picture of myself by aiming the camera at one of my vehicular transport's windows.

That would be the Tandy Tower, aka the Fort Worth Space Needle, behind my right shoulder.

When I exited air-conditioned comfort today the outdoor air was heated to just a couple degrees under 100. The Real Feel Heat Index was supposed to be making it feel like 104.

However, a steady wind seemed to be introducing a bit of Wind Chill Factor to the Real Feel Heat Index on today's Tandy Hills.

Currently we are heated to 102.4 with a Real Feel Heat Index of 107. Right now up in my old home zone, the Skagit Valley of Washington, it is 64.2.

I believe my mom and dad are up in Washington right now. This would be their first return in 2 years. I have not been back in Washington for 3 years. Mom and dad have met their new grandson, David, previously. I think little David has flown down to Phoenix at least twice to visit them. Mom and dad will likely be visiting Tacoma to see David and their new twin grandbabies, Ruby Jean and Theo John.

Just a sec, I will go check the Blue & Max Blog to see if my mom and dad have been seen by the poodles.

Well. Blue & Max have pictures of David's visit to Phoenix. I know mom and dad's plan was to take off for Washington the morning that David was flying back north. Which must mean mom & dad are either on the road or have made it up to Washington. I guess I could make a call and get to the bottom of this mystery.

I can't tell from the picture if David is at my mom and dad's place in Sun Lake or my sister's in Chandler. The next two pictures I can tell are at my sister's house.

On the left that is my nephew Christopher Jay, more often known as CJ, with his cousin, my nephew, David.

That would be CJ on the left, David in the middle and, on the right, CJ's little brother, JR, Jeremy Ryan, my youngest nephew, until David and Theo showed up, in their mom and dad's backyard, blowing bubbles.

Seeing pictures of my nephews has me feeling a bit melancholy. JR was 13 when I moved to Texas. I remember Jeremy's mom telling me that me being gone was going to be hard on JR, because he liked to call me up when he had a day off of school and get me to do something fun. Often this involved a long bike ride.

When I moved to Texas the last month of 1998 the idea of CJ and JR and their mom and dad moving to Arizona was not on the radar screen.

I remember flying up for a family reunion in July of 2002 and my brother-in-law taking me aside to tell me about the possibility of moving to Arizona, wanting me to help get my sister to realize it could be a good thing to make a drastic move. I think within a year of moving to Arizona my sister came around to thinking it was a good thing.

I would not mind moving to the Phoenix zone. Currently it is only 101.7 in Phoenix. That is way cooler than the current temperature in my location of 103.4, warming up a little since I started writing this blogging.

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Big Ed said...

Happy family pictures there, Durango.

I remember playing basketball with CJ years ago, he was like 5 years old; and I still recognize that big smile.