Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting Real HOT In Texas With My Leo Therapist & Me Being Shy About Horoscopes

Coming up on 5 on July 25 we are currently heated to 105 at my location in blistering HOT Texas.

The wind is blowing less than 5 mph.

The slight wind is not enough to bring on the Wind Chill Factor, instead the humidity has the Real Feel Heat Index feeling like 109.

In my current location a mechanical temperature altering device is chilling the air to somewhere in the 80 degree zone.

I remember 3 years ago today, shivering up in Tacoma. I asked if I could move to the upstairs loft, which was way warmer than the frigid basement I'd been being very cold in. The upstairs loft had 2 high tech A/C units. The A/C unit's digital thermometer indicated the temperature in the loft was 82.

The occupants in the house, in which I was incarcerated, could not understand that, to me, 82 degrees felt cool.

On a totally non-temperature, non Great North Texas Drought related subject, my therapist, Dr. L.C., sent me an amusing Horoscope thing this afternoon. The Horoscope thing said...

Far from shy, Leos can be quite opinionated, and their idealism is contagious––they are known for inspiring others. Starting your own blog where you can express yourself openly would be the perfect creative outlet for you. If you're not into writing, then try an acting class. Your flair for the dramatic makes you born for the stage.

Next month, in the Leo time of the year, my therapist's birthday and mine are one day apart.

As usual, with silly Horoscope stuff, this Horoscope stuff was really way off.

Both my therapist and I are very shy. Neither of us is at all opinionated. My therapist and I are not contagious. We are not very inspirational. We do both have blogs, but I can't see where they are a perfect creative outlet for either of us. My therapist does have a slight flair for the dramatic, unlike me and my very dull lack of any sort of flair.

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Steve A said...

It WAS hot today, but not hot enough to deter the bike from a detour to Starbucks for hot coffee - and triple filtered ice water on the way home. We tied an all-time record today for highest low temperature at 85F.