Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walking With My Mom Along Village Creek While Gar The Texan Suggests The Queen Of Wink & I Are Ignorant

Before noon I took off for Pantego. My route there takes me by one of my favorite parks.

In the picture you are looking at the dam/bridge across Village Creek in the Village Creek Natural Historic Area in Arlington.

On both sides of the dam/bridge are Wildflower Areas which no longer have wildflowers blooming.

I thought due to last night's rain that Village Creek might be in flood mode with the park closed. I thought wrong. Village Creek was not running at all high.

As you can see we are being a bit overcast today in North Texas. And relatively cold. It is only 87 degrees right now at 3:14.

I called my mom and dad whilst walking today. Mom answered. Usually I call my mom when I get gas. I got gas yesterday and did not call. I felt sort of guilty about that, hence the non-gas related call today. My mom was in a chatty mood today, walking with me almost the entire Village Creek walk.

I am not sure, mostly due to the difficult to understand verbiage, rendered so, I think, by the fractured logic that is being attempted to be verbalized, or blogalized, but I think that Gar the Texan suggested, on his blog, that the Queen of Wink and I are ignorant.

I was appalled.

This may have been yet one more of the boy's alcohol fueled rantings. I could not tell for sure.

The Queen of Wink and I had consulted previously on how to handle it when Gar the Texan has an episode, with the decision being to simply ignore it. In this case, to ignore Gar the Texan suggesting the Queen of Wink and I are ignorant.

Gar the Texan does not read my blog, so this still counts as ignoring his remarks about our ignorance. If Gar the Texan did read what I have to say about his suggesting that the Queen of Wink and I are ignorant, he would likely fall back on his standard defense.

That being that we are not only ignorant, we also have reading comprehension problems.


Gar said...

Problems is an understatement.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

It was wonderful to wander down memory lane and get lost in the moment again...ahhh ignorance is bliss

Durango said...

Gar---Didn't I just say you don't read my blog? So, how could you know that problems is an understatement?

CT2---It is sort of blissful how Gar makes us feel so ignorant, isn't it?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I suppose it could be worse, Gar could be telling us that we're stupid, but since ignorance is the absence of education, then well, I don't feel so bad. I think though, like you stated, it is sorta blissful being all ignorant and such.

Durango said...

CT2---It seems rather cruel of Gar to have so little sympathy for you and me, a pair of Children Obviously Left Behind to wallow in our ignorance.