Friday, June 17, 2011

There Is A Hot Wind Blowing Purple Wildflowers On The Tandy Hills Today With Eco-Terrorism

A couple minutes ago I got back from the HOT Tandy Hills. 94 degrees right now, with the humidity making it feel like 97. A steady wind of about 20 mph is blowing, without which I suspect the Heat Index would be higher.

Blowing in the wind today was the field of purple wildflowers you see in the picture.

During this Super Heated time of the year when I stop moving to take a picture I'm instantly drenched, like in a steambath.

The Tandy Hills latest Guerrilla Art Installation called Two Orange Flags in Feces had not grown anymore flags since yesterday.

CatsPaw has speculated that the Two Flags in Feces Art Installation may be some sort of low level eco-terrorism.

I am not totally certain, but I believe eco-terrorism is not allowed in Texas.


Anonymous said...

But apparently economic terrorists in the forms of unscruplous gas corporations, politicans, and bureaucrats (see the accounts @ how MHMR terrorized their clients).

Environmental terrorists spew dirty air and contaminate our waters.

Oh yea, the strongest proof of economic terrorism is the abuse of Eminent Domain for private gain by Chesapeake on Carter St. and with that River delusion thing.

CatsPaw said...

Other than its hmmm? factor, about the flags I am neutral. But I am glad to read your report that Mt. Feces has not increased in mass or altitude. Perhaps it is just a form of editorial comment.

Eco-terrorism not allowed in Texas? Why, my fine fellow, it all depends on one's definition and which side of Mt. Feces we're talking about. Some acts may be derided as antisocial and some get your favorite oligarchy's stamp of approval. I'm pretty sure you might put some of the practices of Chesapeake and others firmly in the eco-t camp, eh?

Read: whose ox is gored, etc.

Those flowers sure are purty.