Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Tandy Hills Guerrilla Art Installation Has Been Removed As Seismic Testing Spreads All Over East Fort Worth

Does my one longtime blog reader notice what is missing in the picture?

Yes, you are correct, the Tandy Hills Guerrilla Art Installation, called Orange Flags in Feces, has been completely removed, including the orange ribbon that was tied to the adjacent bush.

Was the removal of this Art Installation an act of counter eco-terrorism?

I do not know if the orange flags are associated with the Barnett Shale Natural Gas Seismic Testing that seems to be spreading all over East Fort Worth.

It is very odd. Every day I seem to see cable in new locations. But I have yet to see anyone laying the cable. One would think I would, since it is quite an effort the cable layers go through.

Duct tape secures the cable across driveways, more elaborate cable covers are used where the cable crosses a street. And then there are the prong things that get stuck in the ground and the above ground testing devices.

I know the gas drillers own the mineral rights below the ground, but how is permission granted for this above ground activity? It seems like the property owners should be able to charge the gas drillers a fee for using their ground.

It's very perplexing.


CatsPaw said...

An All-America City like this likely attracts art thieves.

old cowtowner said...

We don't see why not, CatsPaw, since this virtual wild west area tolerates thefts and robberies of various things on a regular basis.

On a related note, brought about by Durango's critique of the envious honor as an All-American city, we hear that the Lone Ranger from Carter Avenue is fixing to saddle up and make another fight to make sure corporate bully-robber
CHK doesn't get away with abusing E. D. power, via crooked lawyers + an incompetent judge to succeed in robbing his easement right on his front yard. Apparently, this man who exemplifies the best of being an American and a man of principle, has been waiting to make sure CHK kept its promise to complete the alternative pipeline route along TXDOT's right-of-way north of I-30 that was brokered by his state Sen. Davis & state Rep. Burnam last year before making his final charge to ensure that his property still belongs to him. This is critical because he had made a strong legal argument in court that CHK should leave him the hell alone since the legal requirement of "public necessity" in order to use E. D.power to take his property against his will no longer exists once the alternate route was officially approved right before his last hearing. As you had pointed out then, Durango, that judge not only didn't know what he was doing but seemed to have been bought to help them save face by making some shady decisions intended to let the public think that he lost , with the most important message to all the "citizens of the shale" that it's futile to resist what Moncrief's driller cronies want, laws and justice be damned.

We just heard that ol' Steve had quietly filed on his own a Petition with a higher court, the State District Courts, in April 2010 for a permanent injunction to forbid CHK from entering or using his little front yard. We were shocked, and awed with admiration, when we found out that this poor guy who could really use the roughly $4k CHK claims is "just compensation" for taking his property by force chose principle over principal. Every single one of his neighbors, many loudly declaring they would never give in to this bullying and robbery, QUIETLY TOOK WHAT SOME OF THEM CALLED "blood money" and left the guy to fight alone while they spent their
"dirty money" on new cars, vacations, etc.

BTW, we heard he led the charge in refusing to allow seismic testing on his street when the geophysical company was putting on a full court press this time last summer to get people to sign waivers, without compensation. He did this while fending off a list of challenges in his life.

The media has done an injustice in reporting what obstacles this disabled man pvercame and attacks he endured in winning what EVERBODY said was an unwinnable fight. You oughta write a book telling this humble guy's story and his historical feat. The story would even be bigger if he gets a decisive victory in the near future. Despite his illness and disabilities. No attorney willing to help him stand up to CHK's high dollar legal team. With a corrupt law and a prejudiced judge. With CHK's city troops harassing and intimidating him and his family CHK- Moncrief and his thugs). And despite the apathy and selfishness of his neighbors. Along with betrayals by so called activists, public officials, moral leaders, and even groups like the Institute of Justice (or of Just Us?) Oh yeah, the lazy and shallow (compromised) journalists and news media.

Even his CHK-owned city councilwoman worked to destroy him and his just cause. If she had succeeded in carrying out CHK-Moncrief's , she could very well be the newly sworn in new and first black mayor of Fw.

Sorry for the lengthy comment, but we've been keeping these info to ourselves too long and this seems like the perfect time to let people know about a bright light in this hazy city. Thanks for pointing out such sources of light in our midst.