Monday, June 27, 2011

Hiking the HOT Tandy Hills While Trying To Identify People In Washington

In the picture you are looking north on Lost Sunglasses Ridge in the Tandy Hills Natural Sanatorium Area today around noon.

I came upon a couple other hikers on the hills today. This was unusual. Not many people have discovered the salubrious effects of subjecting oneself to a natural sauna/steam at 94 degrees with the humidity making it feel like 108.

Us who were not there have been busily conducting a forensic examination of the photo evidence to try and figure out who was at the Neff Ranch in the Skagit Valley this past Saturday.

The majority of the photos were somewhat easy to identify.

But, near as we can tell, several people have had serious work done to their faces, which has greatly altered their appearance from what we remember from decades ago.

Just minutes ago I got email from Betty Jo Bouvier asking if I was able to identify photos #4, 11, 24 and 27.

Typing this out I just realized the photos Betty Jo is talking about. I thought she was referencing a group photo.

I must go answer Betty Jo's question correctly and then have lunch. Sirloin steak that I got from Town Talk today.


Steve A said...

You need to get another bike. The difference is amazing when it is hot. As in "what are people whining about?"

Durango said...

The need for a new bike crossed my mind today when I read a new section of mountain bike trail opened this weekend at River Legacy Park.