Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sea Shells On The Tandy Hills With Shotgun Shells Blasting Fish

Today I almost stepped on a Tandy Hills Beach Trail seashell. I've seen clam shells on the shore of Lake Grapevine. I think today was the first time I saw a seashell on the Tandy Hills.

Swimming was good this morning, with the water heated up quite noticeably, due to the 90 degree April Fool's Day high.

It is currently only 83. I think I will go for another swim and some lounging.

I need to work on my tan if I'm going to the Valley of the Sun. I don't want to be pasty whilst out and about on a 100 degree plus desert.

Elsie Hotpepper called this morning. Elsie has way too much going on. At times it is difficult to figure out if we are talking about the same thing. Today Elsie was taking her shotgun to a shooting range to practice her bear hunting.

Shotguns scare me. I've only shot one once. I was scrawnier then than I am now, so maybe it would not be quite so jolting to shoot a shotgun now. I aimed the shotgun at a tree limb, braced myself because I was warned to do so, pulled the trigger, was knocked backwards, with the tree limb blasted from the tree.

Another shotgun horror was brought to me by the dumber half of the Goober Twins. He'd caught a big scrap fish in Lake Samish, stuck the shotgun into the head of the fish and pulled the trigger. Fish parts blasted all over the place. I regularly have nightmares that are variations of this horrifying incident.

Well, now that I've put that lovely image in your head, I think it is time for me to go swimming and cool off.

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