Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Rash & Tarrant County Tornadoes & The Last Tuesday Of April

As you can see, looking through the bars of my patio prison cell, the last Tuesday of April has dawned with a clear blue sky.

Severe Thunderstorms are again in our forecast for today.

We had some tornado action here in Tarrant County yesterday.

Up in Washington they are having a bizarre return to winter weather, with snow.

Meanwhile, here in Texas, I had a fresh new woe visit me yesterday afternoon. I suddenly broke out in a rash, in various locations, all over me. I took an anti-histamine pill and covered the rash with calamine lotion. In a few hours the rash went away.

And then re-appeared, covering more of me, in the middle of the night. I took another pill and covered the rash, again, with calamine lotion and again it disappeared.

I have no idea what is causing this new travail. Right now I am rash-free. I hope I stay that way.


Anonymous said...

Don't be rash!
Did you spend time in the sun at PrairieFest? If so you may have PrairieFester, or Solar Urticaria... latin for sun rash.Onset is usually in the late 20's to early 30's. Best cure is stay out of the sun. I am a former sun worshiper and I have it. Bummer, but a good hedge against skin cancer. Stay out of the sun!
Rx lotions that have a stronger % of hydocortizone, or a dose pack of same might work.
If not from the sun... who knows. Stress? Chlorine? Too much Hotpepper?

Durango said...

Thanks for the rash input, Anonymous. I was under shade, for the most part, at the Prairie Fest. Too much Hotpepper seems like a good diagnosis. Or maybe the chemicals in the pool.