Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Having A Hazy Lazy Day In Fort Worth Thinking About Nothing Except Keeping Cool

When I drove to the Tandy Hills a bit before noon the sky was not blue. It was gray. Looking towards downtown Fort Worth it appeared the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth was being viewed through a hazy gauze.

By the time I reached the point where I took today's picture of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, the haze was lifting and blue sky was starting to make its way through the cloud cover.

We are now almost cloud-free and 86 degrees.

Which means I can do my daily lounging under the sun, working on my tan, in preparation for being in the Arizona desert.

When I got back here from the Tandy Hills I turned on the A/C. I'd forgotten I'd turned it on til right now when it cycled back on, blowing chilled air on me.

An afternoon bout in the pool, followed by some sun lounging should cool me off. I think I will go do that right now.

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