Friday, April 29, 2011

If You're Afraid Of Change: Elect Jim Lane For Mayor Because It's The Fort Worth Way!

For the 3rd week in a row a Jim Lane for Mayor of Fort Worth mailer showed up in my mailbox. I've previously opined that due to the years of the Moncrief Regime I've grown to be a fan of having a goofy mayor. And that it seems to me that Jim Lane presents the best hope for continuing to have a goofy Fort Worth mayor, who is occasionally a national embarrassment.

Jim Lane has been catching flak due to using the Molly the Longhorn logo on his campaign literature. There have been complaints to the City Attorney. Demands that the logo be removed immediately. Another person called the Texas Ethics Commission, saying "It makes the appearance that the city is supporting him."

I'm thinking if some of the locals think the local voters are so dumb that they think the city puts its official stamp of approval on a particular candidate, via a logo, well, if they are that dumb, well, Fort Worth has a problem.

Yikes! Sometimes I don't realize what I'm saying. The reality is, collectively, Fort Worth is dumb enough to think Molly the Longhorn is giving Jim Lane the city's official stamp of approval. It's sort of the Fort Worth Way. Where 6% of the eligible voters will vote on the Ruling Oligarchy's choice for mayor, who will win with about 70% of the vote.

But, Jim Lane is not the Fort Worth Ruling Oligarchy's choice for mayor. The FWRO's choice is Betsy Price.

Change of subject to the poster you see at the top. That was sent to me a few minutes ago from Eunice Lovers.

Eunice had some things to tell me, and then this....

Meanwhile...I was bored at work the other day and made this flyer for one of the mayoral candidates after reading one of your blogs. Enjoy.

Thanks Eunice, feel free to poster me any time you get bored at work.

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