Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Up Way Too Early On The 3rd Wednesday Of March Thinking About Swimming & The New Paradise Scandal Blog

As you can see looking through the bars of my patio prison cell on this 3rd Wednesday of March of 2011 I am up well before the sun and it is very dark out there.

It is now a couple hours later and the sun  has arrived.

I can not yet tell if it is a blue sky day in North Texas or if we are overcast.

I am able to determine that it is 56 degrees out there.

So, I will be going swimming in a short while.

I felt inclined last night to be trending towards a likely bad bout of insomnia. So, I stayed up til I got sleepy making a new blog.

I made a new blog so the victims of the Paradise Center Scandal, and the MHMR Bullycrats victimizing them, have a concentrated location to discuss their issues.

The new blog is called, appropriately, "The Paradise Center Scandal."

I am out of here, now, for scandal-free morning swim.


Gar said...

The title of this post confuses me. What does it mean to be up way to early? Is that a time period like being up from 12 to 3?

Durango said...

Garbo, I am currently taking a prescription medication that is supposed to help with my chronic typo problem. I think I may need to have my dosage increased.