Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Shadow Of The Tandy Hills Thin Man Thinking About Seattle, Elizabeth Taylor & The Paradise Center Scandal

I have had myself a long day. And it's only a little past 6. I was up way before the sun this morning. In the pool for a long swim soon after the sun arrived. Up in Hurst in the noon time frame, which put me late on the Tandy Hills.

Hence the long Shadow of the Tandy Hills Thin Man. It was semi-HOT on the hills today. In the 80s.

I encountered a pair of humans on the hills today. It sort of startled me. I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly a pair of what appeared to be hippies, who may have been living on the Tandy Hills since the 1960s, were right in front of me.

This may have been some sort of ghostly apparition.

The Paradise Center Scandal continues to be scandalous. I've written, maybe, 20 postings on this subject, on two blogs. These postings are generating dozens of comments a day. Putting it all together it becomes sort of a soap opera. You have villains, heroes, good guys, bad guys, nutcases and really creepy creeps.

The news of Elizabeth Taylor's passing really hit me today. The last star of the Golden Age of Hollywood. I just watched "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" a couple weeks ago. Elizabeth Taylor may have been at her peak in that movie. As was Paul Newman. Now they are both gone. It's depressing. To me, this is the saddest passing since Jackie Kennedy died.

Speaking of making me feel old, this morning Betty Jo Bouvier sent me a link to a funny YouTube video about "Fun Seattle Stuff You May Remember."

I remembered a lot of it. And put it on my Washington Blog. When I watched the "We Love It In Seattle" video I could not help but wonder if such a video could be made with Fort Worth material. Methinks not. Were Elvis or the Beatles ever in Fort Worth? Any killer whales make their debut on the Fort Worth waterfront?

Anyway, I have had myself a day and I still have hours to go.

You can watch the "We Love It In Seattle" video below....

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MLK said...

Elvis made an appearance at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Summer of 1976. My first concert, ever.