Monday, March 14, 2011

First Convenience Bank Is Not Only Not Convenient It Is Worse Than Inconvenient

In late February I blogged my disdain for First Convenience Bank and my realization I'd made a mistake opening an account there.

The issue at that time was my payment from Google that had been issued, but had not shown up in my account.

Eventually it showed up.

I opened the First Convenience account due to not liking how Chase Bank operated, changing the terms of my account with Washington Mutual.

So, before the Google incident, I'd told Big Ed I thought First Convenience would be convenient. So, he opened an account. About a week later he went to deposit a large check. He was told it would take 9 days to clear. The check was drawn on Wells Fargo, so Big Ed decided to forego First Convenience and open a Wells Fargo account.

Big Ed had opened the First Convenience account with just a $10 deposit. After he'd activated the debit card it did not work. The checks from First Convenience never arrived.

So, today Big Ed was in Wal-Mart and decided to get his 10 bucks back. And what does he learn? The debit card that never worked for him had worked for someone else. On the 23rd it was used to attempt to charge $75 and on the 26th it was used to attempt to charge $51.

First Convenience did not let these charges go through because Big Ed had not approved overdraft protection.

But, even though those charges did not go through, First Convenience charged Big Ed's account $2 for each charge attempt. So, his $10 had become $6.

He was given a number to call to get the other $4.

Now, why was Big Ed not notified of these 2 charges on his card? He was in the bank 2 days after the first charge was made on the 23rd, trying to deposit that check. Why was it not mentioned at that time that a $75 charge had been attempted on the account.

How did this happen? Big Ed was never able to use the card. It did not work. But someone else used the card's numbers, a card which had never been used, successfully, by Big Ed, to try and steal $126.

Why would the bank, today, not treat this like a serious matter. Big Ed told the bank guy that it would appear this would have to be an inside the bank problem.

Who do you call in Texas when you have a bank fraud deal like this?


MLK said...

Call the FBI in Fort Worth. They handle bank fraud cases.
2601 Meacham Boulevard
Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX 76137
Phone: (817) 989-8259
Fax: (817) 989-3365

I hate banks Really hate them. I love FTW Community Credit union-you make a deposit, you get it on the books right away.

Durango said...

Thanks, MLK, also found the State of Texas banking commission to complain to.

Betty Jo Bouvier said...

So sorry for your banking woes Durango and Ed. My sister and I had a perfectly lovely experience with Skagit State Bank on Friday. We had to change a few things around with my dad's account and they were so helpful (always are), just made the whole experience painless. Ah, the perks of a local bank. (sorry to rub it in)

Durango said...

Betty Jo, the banking woes got better this morning. I'll be taking MLK's suggestion to switch to the Fort Worth Community Credit Union. That will be a local bank. I think. Your bank sure has a funny sounding name. Skagit. Does it rhyme with Nag It?

Betty Jo Bouvier said...

I am offended that you have forgotten so quickly the pronunciation of the bank with a heart and a hearth, let alone your favorite county.

Durango said...

Sorry to offend you, Betty Jo. I suffer from age-related memory woes.

Betty Jo Bouvier said...

Not so, you remember every second since you were three days old. That memory woe excuse is no longer accepted.

Durango said...

Betty Jo, I don't remember what you are talking about.