Sunday, December 19, 2010

Up Late The (Next to) Last Sunday Of 2010 Wondering Why The Fort Worth Police Aren't Policing

I was out late last night which has made me up semi-late on this (next to) last Sunday of 2010. I don't like getting up semi-late.

It is not below freezing this morning, unlike yesterday's sub-freezing morning. Right now, coming up on 8am it is a balmy 40.

Yesterday I blogged about those ubiquitous signs I've been seeing along the I-30 freeway offering up to $10,000 a day to rent out your house for the Super Bowl.

This morning one of my frequent commenters, Mr. FW Stinks, informed me that the Super Bowl signs are a scam where the scammer tries to get the gullible scammee to fork over an upfront administrative fee.

Now, what I am wondering is why are the Fort Wort police not all over this scam? It would seem like it would be fairly easy to detect who the scammer is. And isn't there some sort of anti-littering law that forbids sticking signs like this at freeway exits?

I have no idea what lays ahead for me this Sunday. Except I can say with 100% certainty I am not going swimming this morning.

UPDATE: This morning, due to the aforementioned late night and sleeping ind and my desire to rush through this current holiday season and get to 2011 as soon as possible, I mistakenly said today was the last Sunday of 2010. Eagle-eyed sharpie, Steve A spotted me most current error and kindly pointed out the error.

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Steve A said...

Isn't next Sunday still part of 2010? Maybe it being "Boxing Day" trumps that. The Internet is very educational!