Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Millions Of Americans Are Good Without God While Wondering What If There Is A God?

I was surprised on the way to Wal-Mart tonight, waiting at a light, and seeing one of the Fort Worth T buses drive by with one of the controversial "MILLIONS OF AMERICANS ARE GOOD WITHOUT GOD" ads on its side. I thought the ads had been removed due to the silly protests of those types who go into protest mode over such silly things.

But then, when the light changed, and I pulled up behind the bus, I was surprised to see another ad on the back of the bus, with this ad asking, "WHAT IF THERE IS A GOD?"

So much for banning the religious message ads from Fort Worth buses.

The quality of the photos is a bit lacking, due to there being a lot of traffic causing me to hurry. The first attempt at a picture of the back of the bus had the flash going off. The above is the second attempt. Then I drove past the bus to take the "MILLIONS OF AMERICANS ARE GOOD WITHOUT GOD" picture, but I only had one chance, so I didn't get the zoom pulled back.

I digress in explaining the bad quality of the photos.

Are we having some sort of BUS AD WAR here in Fort Worth? I really don't get why the message that millions of Americans are good without God should get anyone upset.

Because it is true.

There are millions of Americans. And millions of people around the world who know how to be good without being told what to do by anyone. Who just live their lives naturally doing what Jesus would do, without having to ask what would Jesus do.

In other words, people who are good without God.

I'm sure, if there is a God, He really appreciates the humans who are good without having to follow a set of rules supposedly laid down by Him. As interpreted by Man.

Or maybe the God referred to in the Good Without God ad is the Muslim God, Allah. I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that Millions of Americans are Good Without Allah.

Methinks some of the more extreme religious sorts, locally, should familiarize themselves with the American concepts of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. One is free to think and say whatever one wants to in this country, within reason, and worship or not worship any religion of their choice.

This is sort of fundamental to the concept known as being American. Sadly, I am afraid that chapter in what it means to be American is not taught. Or learned. In way too many Texas schools.

And churches.

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Anonymous said...

Millions of people are good without God. Tens of millions of people are good because of their love/fear of God.

Millions of people are not good without God. Millions of people are not good despite their supposed fear/love of God.

You all are a mess--God.