Thursday, October 21, 2010

Village Creek Natural Historic Area Is Carpeted In Leaves

As you can see, a lot of leaves have fallen on the trail in Village Creek Natural Historic Area. The leaves made a satisfying crunch noise when walked over.

I do not remember Pacific Northwest leaves being crunchy when walked over. I do remember Pacific Northwest leaves being wet and slippery.

I had me a frustrating morning of annoying little problems. Mostly computer related. I was in need of something relaxing, hence a nice, slow pondering walk in one of my favorite parks in Arlington.

I've always thought that the first freeze of the fall had to happen for the leaves to start falling. We have definitely not had a first freeze of the year here in Texas, I say, as cold air from the A/C blows down on me. I must be remembering wrong about the leaves going into heavy duty fall mode after the first freeze.

Or maybe Texas trees are designed differently than Pacific Northwest Washington trees.


Steve A said...

Was there much "leaf changing color while still on the branches" going on?

Durango said...

Steve A, now that you are making me thinking about it, and thinking has not been my forte today, the leaves in the trees are still green. So, why are they falling? I sound like Dr. Seuss.