Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning In Texas Recovering From Saturday's Storm & Other Damage

It is early Sunday morning, October 24. You are looking at the moon trying to shine through some foggy fast moving clouds.

Saturday's storm did some serious damage near my abode. Several apartments in the Woodstock Apartment complex were destroyed. It is not known if this destruction was due to an isolated straight line wind burst or a small tornado touching down.

I believe I was sitting in my vandalized van, waiting for the rain to let up, listening to the tornado sirens blare when the damaging wind struck.

The Woodstock Apartments are on Boca Raton Boulevard in East Fort Worth.

We are scheduled to possibly more severe storming today.

Severe storming is matching my mood. I have to call the police. I did not do so yesterday after the storm started up.

Yesterday's stolen bike trauma has me feeling the most violated since August 20, 2008, the day I escaped a month of abuse in Tacoma that had me feeling psychologically violated.

I don't know if I'll go swimming this morning. I forgot to take my swimming suit out of the rain. I know I won't go bike riding this morning. Or later today.


Steve A said...

At least your swim suit wasn't attached to the bike when it vanished!

Sarah R said...

In a totally unrelated subject, I thought you would enjoy knowing that Rick Perry has sent WA business leaders a letter inviting them to move their businesses to Texas due to the initiative to start an income tax:

Durango said...

Steve A, you always find the bright side.

Sarah R, thanks. I did not know Perry was doing this or that WA had an income tax initiative in the works.