Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Setting Off Alarms In Fort Worth With Pollution Burning My Eyes

You are looking out my window at the sun starting to brighten the surroundings on the morning of October 27.

Is Daylight Savings Time not due to end soon? I want it to get bright earlier than the current situation.

I had an incident over at Miss Puerto Rico's last night. When I enter her abode I have to turn off the security alarm by entering a 4 digit code. The 4 digit code is very similar to my debit card PIN.

Last night I entered my debit card PIN. This caused the alarm to get alarmed. After a few seconds of being very alarmed I entered the correct code and all became calm.

Can one ever grow weary of watching GASLAND the movie? I have no idea. Elsie Hotpepper seemed to be having herself a real good time at last night's gala affair.

Speaking of pollution. Something in the air is irritating my eyes this morning. It is being very annoying.

It is bright enough out there for me to go swimming. So, that is what I am going to do, in full anticipation that it will be chilly, due to it being 57 degrees out there currently.


janneba said...

I think the time changes Nov 2nd, I think I heard that somewhere.

janneba said...

first Sunday in Nov. time change

Durango said...

Thanks, Janneba.