Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On The Tandy Hills Witnessing The Eve Of Destruction & Getting Chased By A Panther

It is starting to seem like utter chaos every which way I turn. I'm starting to feel like I am sitting right on the edge of the eve of destruction.

Stenotrophomonas had forewarned me about the shocking sight I was to see today on top of Mount Tandy.

But, words can never prepare you for the eye witness experience.

Mother Nature may have had some hand in the destruction of the Original Tandy Hills Shrine.

But. I am almost 100% certain that Mother Nature does not steal golf balls.

I am thinking that maybe the Tandy Shrine is now an abstract free form piece of guerrilla art, rather than the more structured sculpture it was before falling victim, again, to vandals.

Further down Mount Tandy I found the mysterious long cable has now migrated from the base of Mount Tandy and is now sitting at the end of the trail that leads to the top and the Tandy Shrine.

As I neared Tandy Highway, today, and the end of my hike, dogs that live behind a tall cyclone fence, high up the hill, let off a cacophony of barking the likes of which I have seldom heard. One of the dogs was barking in that way that sounds as if was really scared, almost crying.

A prowling panther crossed my mind. I picked up a big rock and hurried on my way. When I got to Tandy Highway the barking was louder and almost seemed violent, with the crying dog now adding a whimpering aspect.

And then, totally suddenly, the barking and crying ceased.

I thought, either the panther got its prey and shut the dogs up. Or it sniffed fresh meat on its side of the cyclone fence. So, I made like a road runner, out of there.


Steve A said...

Fort Worth panthers don't hunt there, they lay down in the main street and take naps. Look at a FW Police badge if you doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Careful when looking at those badges because the people wearing those badges could attack you like a mad dog. They have a history of beating, tasing, and even killing citizens. Not all of them, but enough of them to take great caution. A friend had a disturbing experience this weekend: called police a second time after noticing a nice-looking car left unmoved on street for 3 days near their place of work; cops showed up and started to insinuate that they had "trespassed on private property" after they mentioned that the car doors were unlocked. Instead of showing concern and even check to see if there's a body in the trunk or something, these hot shots began asking the concerned citizen for ID and other personal info like where they lived, if they truly worked at the business. Wasted 30 good minutes and lost confidence in the city's finest; less likely to get involved in the future, which only helps the bad guys and gals. I shoulda asked them if trunk was large enough to hold a stolen bike :D