Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Rain On The Tandy Hills While I Check Out The Original Shrine

It has been awhile since I accessed the Tandy Hills via the top of Mount Tandy.

The Tandy Shrine has tripled in size. Tires have been added. And a kid's toy lawn mower. And 2 black plastic garbage bags, stuffed full. I did not look in the garbage bags.

I think I may be overdoing it in my quest to try and get in shape for running The Amazing Race with the Queen of Wink. I am feeling more than a little exhausted.

The rain that was forecast to fall today, has not arrived. Nor have clouds. I was hoping a good rain would clear the air of whatever is polluting it, that is making my eyes burn.

It is 84, right now, at almost 4 in the afternoon. The pool was noticeably warmer this morning. It should be even warmer tomorrow morning. If I muster the energy to find out.

Speaking of morning, this morning, before 6, there was a very loud boom. I expected to hear sirens, but did not. I've asked others if they heard the big boom. Others have. All say it sounded like a big explosion.

I just got interrupted by Miss Puerto, calling to confirm tomorrow morning's exit to Puerto Rico plan. I hope it all goes drama free with no police involvement.

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Stenotrophomonas said...

It has been a while since you've been to Mt.Tandy. Drawn by the Shrine, litter has been making a pilgrimage to the mountaintop, and there awaits rapture by someone with a vehicle and access to a dumpster.
That long wire thing at Shrine II used to live by the most southern water crossing on Sewer Road, and may be making its way to Mt.Tandy.
The park has looked somewhat cleaner of late, although I would like to find the jerk who favors the big purple cans and shove one of those cans into one of its bodily orifices.