Monday, October 25, 2010

In Texas Working With A Dying Asian In Dubai To Build Orphanages

Every few days I get an email plea for help. With me getting millions of dollars if I help.

I like to be a helpful person. But how many more millions of dollars do I need?

It started off only being Nigerians that I'd help, but now the needy have spread all over the world.

With people in the wealthy nation of Dubai lately sending me a lot of needy pleas for help.

I wish I could reply in a positive ways to all these pleas, but I am being selective about helping. The pleas has to have a really high pathos level combined with a healthy dose of altruism in order to get me to accept those millions of dollars.

Like the plea I got this morning from Mr. John Lalwani, dying of cancer, wanting me to help make his dying wish of funding orphanages come true. Of course I will help with this one. I love helping orphans.

Below is John's plea for help....

My name is Mr. John Lalwani, a real estate agent in Dubai. Am Asian and am dying of cancer. I have been on medical treatment after which it was confirmed by my doctor that I have cancer in 2009. I want to donate the sum of 24.5 Million Dollars to you in which 80% will be for helping me achieve my final wish on Earth by funding orphanage homes, help the needy and widows of your choice. I saw a profile of you on the net. After praying to God to make you the one for this assignment, I decided to contact you.  I want you to respond back to me only through my personal email address as soon as possible for more information if you are interested. 

God Bless You
Mr. John Lalwani

If you are an orphan in need of a home, let me know. I'll try and get you a place to live as soon as I get my money from John.


Orphan Oprah said...

Well, did you respond to this God-fearing philantropist? YOU MUST..because he spoke to God about you specifically and the Almighty confirmed this man's choice of YOU (from among all the folks--email addresses--on the net) as HIS instrument of charity.

Durango said...

Orphan Oprah,

Of course I responded to this man's plea. The millions showed up in my bank account just minutes ago. Where would you like me to build you your orphanage, Oprah?