Monday, October 25, 2010

Hiking The Tandy Hills With A Fallen Shrine, Yellow Flags With Theodore John & Ruby Jean

Today I was shocked to find that Tandy Shrine II is yet one more victim of Saturday's wild, windy, wet storm. It appeared Mother Nature lifted the Shrine from its foundation and carried it about 30 feet. I probably should have rescued the Shrine from its watery grave, but that seemed like an awful lot of bother.

On the way to the Tandy Hills I drove west on Boca Raton and saw the wind damaged Woodstock Apartments. I don't know if has been determined if this was done by a tornado, or not. I saw several roofs ripped totally off.

Back to this morning and talking to my mom. I forgot to mention that mom told me the names of my incoming new relatives. Twins. I thought it was a pair of boys. But it is one of each variety. I'm not quite sure if, technically speaking, I will be these twin's uncle, with the twins being my nephew and niece. I'm sure, somewhere, there are rules and regulations and guides to determine such things.

What I do know is, according to my mom, the boy's name is Theodore John, with the girl being Ruby Jean. It might have been Rudy Jean.

Back to the Tandy Hills. The last time I hiked the hills I came upon a pair of very un-natural blue plastic flags stuck in the ground in the Natural Area. Today I saw several more, with these new flags being yellow.

Felt-penned in black on the flags is a number and the initial "TWU."

Texas Weather Underground? Texas Water Users? Texas Wesleyan University?

This is not the first time flags have mysteriously been planted on the Tandy Hills.

It was just about perfect hiking the hills today. A good wind blowing, temperature in the 80s. The hills mostly dried out from the Saturday deluge.


Stenotrophomonas said...

The Mt.Tandy shrine also suffered a catastrophe, but I suspect it was not weather related. The tank was horizontal, with its various appendages scattered off to the side. But the only thing missing was the intact golf balls. This happened sometime after Friday.
In other news, the mystery cable entity has left the scene of Shrine II and was last spotted at the trail junction below Mt.Tandy. Perhaps it attempted to assassinate Shrine II - it would have taken a raging flood to displace it as it was. It is unknown whether it will continue its pilgrimage to the mountaintop.

Durango said...

Stenotrophomonas, I had intended to mention that the mysterious cable had migrated to the base of Mount Tandy, but forgot. Maybe I'll check out the destroyed Mt. Tandy Shrine tomorrow. Hiking is my only exercise outlet since my bike went missing.