Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Looking At Hurricane Hermine Hanging Over Fort Worth & Thinking About Braunschweiger

In the picture I am on top of Mount Tandy, in the Tandy Hills Natural Area, looking west at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, with remnants of Hurricane Hermine hanging overhead.

I was on my way to Oakland Lake Park to dodge drops of rain while I walked around Fosdic Lake, when the view of the sky over downtown Fort Worth, as I drove west on I-30, made me think a detour to the top of Mount Tandy might make for an interesting photo.

I got a bit wet getting to a good photo spot. There are these tall weeds, many of them over 6 feet tall, currently sprouted in various locations on the Tandy Hills. These particular weeds are skinny with branches sticking out from the main stem. Due to being tall and skinny, like me, these weeds get whipped easily by the wind. Today, making my way past the tall, skinny weeds, the weeds got me all wet.

I dried out during my walk around Oakland Lake Park. More about that later. Not the drying out part, the Oakland Lake Park part of that sentence is what there will be more about later.

After I walked around Fosdic Lake I went to Town Talk. I got a great big round thing called Braunschweiger, among other stuff. I don't know what Braunschweiger is, for sure, other than being some sort of German meat product.

The rain I mentioned earlier today, courtesy of Hurricane Hermine, went into downpour mode when I was in the pool. Swimming in a downpour is not as much fun as you might think it would be. I usually do not get wet above the neck when I go swimming. This morning I was totally wet above the neck and none of it was water from the pool.

Well, it is time for lunch. I think I'll try and figure out what one does with Braunschweiger.

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Don Young said...

Those "weeds" are actually important prairie plants called, False Gaura. They do sway easily making it hard to photograph them.