Monday, September 13, 2010

Hiking The Hot Tandy Hills And Thinking About Drinking The Drink Of The Gods

I seem to be spending much of today not following lines too well. I need not elaborate.

Except to say, today on the HOT Tandy Hills I went rogue, off trail, golf ball hunting. This is a popular Tandy Hills sport.

I found none. I also found no snakes. Eventually I went back on-line and got on one of the proper Tandy Hills trails.

This morning someone named Dr. Watson popped up on my computer, uninvited, with my computer telling me that Dr. Watson needed to go away due to violating some computer rule. Then my computer wanted me to let it tell Microsoft what the nefarious Dr. Watson had been up to. And so I did.

Today I have altered course to initiate a more healthy regimen. I am hoping this change in regimen helps me regain my health. As part of my healthy regimen my adult beverage of choice is "The Drink of the Gods."


The national drink of Argentina. It is full of anti-oxidants and is supposed to give me more mental clarity, less stress and feeling exhilarated. I am very excited about the possibility of feeling more exhilarated and having more mental clarity. I am already fairly stress free.

There was a good breeze blowing on the Tandy Hills today, but it is still being way too humid out there.


Betty Jo Bouvier said...

I need to know more about this drink you speak of. Where can I get it?

Durango said...

Well, Betty Jo, I am drinking said drink, even as I type. And it is living up to its billing. I feel quite exhilarated. I think most places that sell tea these day sell some mate teas. If I were living in the wonderful part of the world in which you live, I would go to the Skagit Co-Op in Mount Vernon and get myself all sorts of good stuff. Including mate tea.

Betty Jo Bouvier said...

D, that is clear over in Mount Vernon. You know I don't get out of town much.

Durango said...

Betty Jo, you could take the SKAT bus to Mount Vernon and avoid the dangers of driving yourself there. It'd make for a nice daytrip for you.