Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gagging Behind A Really Bad Fort Worth Polluter

I was appalled on my way to Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market to see aluminum cans flying out of the bed of a pickup as it pulled on to the 820 freeway. Freshly appalled, was I, at this very common Texas trash disposal method.

And then, minutes ago, as I pulled back on to the freeway, after I'd finished with Wal-Mart, I was appalled to see a pickup spewing the worst exhaust pollution I'd ever seen.

I thought I did not have time to get a picture before I exited the freeway at the John T. White exit. So I did not reach for my camera.

I quickly changed that plan when I saw the spewing pickup get off the freeway at my exit. I started snapping pictures. And then I was right behind the pickup at the redlight.

I was already gagging from the fumes when I was still on the freeway. Being behind the guy was unbearable. I pitied the vehicle occupants to his right.

The driver saw me taking pictures and seemed to get agitated. Then the light turned green and the plume of gray continued on its way. How has this guy not been stopped? I'm almost 100% he does not have a valid inspection sticker.

Putting out that much pollution, with others having no choice but to breathe it, really needs to be a serious crime with a serious penalty. I can still smell the fumes.

I've had me a day. So, I'm heading over to Miss Puerto Rico's for some diverting entertainment. Hopefully smoke-free.

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