Sunday, September 19, 2010

Early Sunday Morning In Texas With No Fireflies

As you can see, via the view from my patio, I am up way before the sun, for the first time in several days, this Sunday of September 19 in Texas.

I don't know what got me up so early this morning, particularly since I was up til past midnight.

I was pedaling in River Legacy Park last night when the sun made its exit, but I saw nary a single firefly. Maybe firefly season is over.

I have only seen fireflies on two occasions. Once at River Legacy Park and once at Concert in the Gardens in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. The night I went to Concert in the Gardens the theme was Star Wars. The fireflies fit the theme perfectly.

I have been told that fireflies fly above the Tandy Hills when the sun goes down. But, I have never been on the Tandy Hills when the sun goes down. Maybe today I will experience that.

I hear the birds starting up their morning meet and greet with the sun. Annoying little chirpers. This indicates I will be pool bound shortly. After the sun lights up the place.

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