Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting A Tandy Hills Rash While Delivering Ice

It was windy when I went to hike the Tandy Hills today. That helped make the 100 degrees feel less like 100 degrees.


I have developed a painful heat rash type ailment in delicate areas best left rash free. I am currently in treating it with ointment mode.

I'd not been on the Tandy Hills for a few days. Since my last visit there has been a new arrival. In the middle of the hills that big black round thing with a white stripe showed up at a trail junction.

How did this get there? And why? Is it the start of a new Tandy Hills Shrine? There are pieces of long dead vehicles scattered about the Tandy Hills. It would be a lot of bother to move the vehicle pieces to the central location of the black round thing.

It is just one more perplexing Tandy Hills mystery.

I'm out of here in a bit to make an ice cube delivery to a hapless individual who requires ice for her libations, but who's icemaker is currently not making ice in amounts sufficient to meet the libation's needs.

I have no idea if the ice I deliver will survive the HEAT it will endure on the way to the libations.


Stenotrophomonas said...

There are several tires scattered about, far from the abandoned vehicles, but this one looks to be in decent condition. I think it would make an ugly shrine, and I predict it will gradually migrate to the trash can on View St.

paul said...

The human race. Is there any hope for us, at all?

Don Young said...

I confess to putting that tire there, officer. It was down in the bottom and I dragged it up as far as I could for one day. It will be gone soon. feel free to carry it out yourself if you need a little extra endorphin rush.