Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walking & Talking To The Queen Of Wink At Fosdic Lake About Going To Las Vegas

I was walking along, singing a song, around Fosdic Lake at Oakland Lake Park, when I decided to try and call the Queen of Wink.


Once again I got voice mail. I don't bother leaving a message.


And then, just as I was passing a sitting opportunity, my phone rang.

It was the Queen of Wink calling back. From Wink. So, I sat at the sitting opportunity and talked to the Queen of Wink til my phone started making rude noises at me.

Before my phone started making rude noises I had a long discussion with the Winkitian about Las Vegas. This long discussion about Las Vegas made me want to visit that town. I've not been to Vegas since April of 2006. And that was only to switch planes.

For some reason I am very very tired. And a bit headachy. Had I gone saloon hopping with Elsie Hotpepper last night I would have an explanation for being very very tired and a bit headachy. But, I have no explanation for my dire condition.

I must cease blogging now.

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Steve A said...

I KNEW we'd be seeing some Las Vegas connection soon. None here since April 1...