Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chilly Last Texas Thursday Of July Up With The Sun Thinking About Split Pea Hummus

You are out on my patio with me, drinking coffee, and watching the sun light up the place on the last Thursday of July.

It is borderline chilly outside at 75. It is almost like winter is arriving early.

I am going to try and go swimming in a few minutes. I hope the water has not chilled too much.

Complete change of subject from the sun and swimming to hummus. I got a big bag of yellow split peas at Sprouts Farmers Market yesterday. A couple weeks ago I learned whilst watching Top Chef that hummus can be made from split peas.

So, a big batch of split peas cooked overnight in the slow cooker and now await me Vita-Mixing them into hummus. I hope it works.

It is very likely that after the workout involved in Vita-Mixing split peas into hummus, and other ordeals, I will need a good dose of endorphin stimulation from aerobicizing myself on the Tandy Hills mid-day.

Meet me at noon at the top of Mount Tandy if you want to go hiking with me. See you there.


Betty Jo Bouvier said...

Didn't you learn your lesson with the last 'bad batch' of hummus?? Let me know how your spit pea hummus turns out.

Durango said...

Betty Jo,
It was the first batch of hummus that did not go well. The 2nd attempt was good. And I just got done hummusing the yellow split peas. It seems to have turned out well, at least it tastes good. Made an awful big batch of the stuff. I'll mail you some.