Saturday, June 19, 2010

Looking Out At Texas While Drinking Coffee On My New Patio

You are looking out at the Saturday morning, 2 days before the Summer Solstice, view from one of my computer room windows, looking out at my newly refurbished bedroom patio balcony.

I like the change. It's more like a sidewalk cafe.

I drank coffee and read the paper out on the new balcony this morning. It was very pleasant. After drinking coffee and reading the paper I went swimming. That was also very pleasant.

It may be 2 days before summer, yet this morning the air felt pleasantly enough temperatured that I opened the windows. I do not recollect ever doing this at this point in the year, in Texas, before.

It is not even 9:30 yet and we are already at 83 degrees with a Heat Index of 87, heading to a high, again, of 98.

Monday's high, with Monday being the first day of summer, is predicted to be 100. If we hit 100 on the first day of summer, I'm thinking this is an omen of a very HOT Texas summer. Very HOT.

I have now closed the windows. It is totally possible they may not be opened again until the cold winds of fall begin to blow.


MLK said...

50 degrees and overcast in Seattle. Count your blessings!

Durango said...

How do you people survive in that Arctic climate!? Summer starts in 2 days. It's time for the Northwest to warm up. 50 degrees is unacceptable.

MLK said...

How do I survive? Reading blogs like yours!

I've only been her 8 years and that might be 8 years too many.

Durango said...

It pleases me that reading my blog helps you survive your exile in your current extremely cold zone.

twister said...

I find it amusing he's pining for warmer climes and Durango occasionally pines for good ol' Washington state. Can't go home again a wise man once said.