Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Durango Blues Late Bloomer Tandy Hills Wildflower & Bratwurst

It is less than a day until the Summer Solstice. Even so, wildflowers are still coloring up the Texas prairie and the Tandy Hills.

Though in diminished numbers.

In the past couple days a new wildflower has shown up, it being, like myself, a late bloomer. I have seen this wildflower in only one location on the Tandy Hills, with maybe 10 separate plants in a small area, with 2 foot, give or take an inch, stalks, with clusters of blue blooms.

Until corrected, with the correct name, I am calling this wildflower the Durango Blues Late Bloomer Wildflower.

It was in the 90s when I hit the hills today, much earlier and cooler than yesterday. A good breeze was blowing. Quite pleasant. I am currently consuming 3 large bottles of water during these ordeals. I think I'll up the dose to 4 bottles.

I called my dad at the start of hiking to do the Happy Father's Day thing. I got the answering machine message where my dad is being a poet, "We are not available to talk on the phone, please wait for the tone and leave a message." Or something like that.

After my German lunch of Bratwurst and Kraut I decided a rare afternoon swim, and lounging in the sun, seemed like a good idea. And it was.

But, now I'm sort of feeling a bit worn out.

So, I think I'll walk over to Albertson's and buy a chicken. That seems like the sensible thing to do in my worn out condition.

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Don Young said...

Texas Bluebells love the heat and bloom even in dry conditions. Ain't they sweet? Nowhere but Tandy Hills.