Thursday, May 20, 2010

Steve Doeung Shouts At The Sound Of Silence On Carter Avenue

My one longtime blog reader may recognize the man in the pipe, he being Carter Avenue's Steve Doeung.

Carter Avenue, and the battle to save the homes on Carter Avenue, seems to have faded into memory.

A month or so ago announcements were made that TxDOT had approved an alternative route for the Chesapeake Energy Carter Avenue pipeline, running non-odorized, high pressure natural gas along Interstate 30, rather than under Fort Worth citizen's homes.

However, I have seen no mention of this made in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Maybe I missed it.

I also have not read the Star-Telegram editorially opine that, with an alternative pipeline route approved, that it is time to end the abuse of eminent domain that has victimized the Citizens of Carter Avenue.

Steve Doeung still has not met the mysterious attorney, Ed Fitzgerald, who somehow mysteriously represented Mr. Doeung without his approval or knowledge.

Steve Doeung recently had another woe added to his Chesapeake Energy woes and his battle against Lyme Disease. Steve's vehicle was rammed from behind, with the "accident" leaving Steve with a concussion/brain trauma.

Even though Steve is in recovery mode, he seems to be firing on all cylinders. You can't keep a Cambodian-American down for long.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Glad to read that Steve is recovering and doing well. If there are no bulldozers and stuff, then I'm the alternate route is a go.

Friend(s) of KH said...

Hold on. Councilwoman, and future mayor, Kathleen Hicks has been fighting this fight from the beginning and has pretty much singlehandedly saved people like that Steve guy. I'd check to make sure he was really involved in a car accident because he could very well be trying to generate pitty and steal Mayo (oops!) councilwoman Hicks' thunder since he got his @%# kicked in court according to the Star-Telegram. Riddle me this: IF THIS GUY AND HIS LEGAL FIGHT IS SO IMPORTANT WHY DIDN'T HE GET ANY KIND OF HELP, LEGAL DEFENSE FUND OR LEGAL REPRESENTATION, FROM ANY OF THE MILLION+ PEOPLE IN TARRANT COUNTY? BTW--if this lawyer Ed Fitzgerald is doing something improper, don't you think the judge, city staff, his state rep./senator, the current mayor/council, and esp. activists like Dan Young and that alphabet group would have raised a stink since they were determined to help stop the gas line on Carter street? Oh yea and the self-righteous FW weekley would have sniffed out the scandal by now.

Anonymous said...

I agree--thanks to Ms. hicks the victory was won and this dude lost. Nobody cares about him and those pipelines cuz if they're that important the masses, including those who attend Masses and other spiritual people, would have risen in a massive outcry for justice. See what he gets for not getting "behind the shale"? The masses are smart and they got the message, if ya know what I mean.