Monday, May 31, 2010

LOST Dreaming About A Happy Memorial Day In Texas

It is too early to tell if this is going to be a memorable Memorial Day, for me.

One good indicator is, unlike yesterday, I did not wake up with a headache.

But I did have me a night. Insomnia. Finally fell asleep sometime past 1. And then went into heavy duty full blown epic cinematic dream mode.

I think the epic dreaming may have been triggered by watching war movies on Turner Classic Movies yesterday. The Dirty Dozen really is a pretty ridiculous movie. Guns of Navarone is sort of ridiculous too, but fun to watch.

My dream/nightmare of last night was sort of like an episode of LOST. I did me some time traveling, which included a visit with my grandmas, which was a very Memorial Day appropriate thing.

Somehow bringing Fort Worth's corrupt mayor, Mike Moncrief, to justice, was also involved. I uncovered a huge stash of stolen cash, hidden in giant mayonnaise jars on Costco shelves. That somehow led to Barnett Shale natural gas drilling operations randomly exploding and eventually the collapse life as we know it in Fort Worth.

I think somehow my grandma's were involved in the collapse of Fort Worth.

Needless to say, but I will anyway, I woke up exhausted from way too much nocturnal activity. Woke up early. As in before 6, which led to a very long, very early, bout in the pool.

I am not cooking hot dogs for my Memorial Day lunch. Instead it will be fish & chips. Around 1. Don't be late.


Anonymous said...

GOOD GOD!! I love a man that dreams even more crazy and creative that I do! personally I like to believe this type of extreme dreaming is a sign of superior intelligence -just saying!

Durango said...

Anonymous, as usual, you seem to be right on target with everything you say.

somaphx said...

Insomnia: Lying two-faced lover.

Many f-o letters, but no closure. What to do in the Long Black while the rest of the world sleeps?

I like Anonym's note above; I like to cogitate upon the notion that something cognitively superior is going on up there or, at least, if it's only mediocre, motion affirms it's still working ....

Durango said...

somaphyx, I'm thinking you've become my new favorite commenter.

somaphx said...

Fickle, aren't you?

Miss my grandmas, too, but they were awol this morning. The a.m. REM odyssey my 15-lb. calico unexpectedly terminated had me jilting a former lesbian lover for a new one ....

Vexing, since I'm not of that proclivity. I was finally able to interpret it as sloughing off a former self which no longer serves me (yes, tears & appropriate guilt were involved) -- embracing and learning to love a new me....

Welcome to Sofie's planet.

Pass the tequila.