Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cougar Encounters With Elsie Hotpepper & Me Thinking About Leaving The Tandy Hills

Aren't the Tandy Hills looking serene today? I was in the mood for some serenity, after a disturbing morning of extreme weirdness.

I read an interesting article this morning about Paranoid Personality Disorder, focusing on a very odd person named Kelly Bensimon.

Ironically, I read that before I was blessed with a dose of Paranoid Personality Disorder.

So, I had myself some heavy duty pondering to do today whilst hiking the Tandy Hills. At over 90 degrees.

The adjustment to the HEAT seems to be progressing. Soon I'll be able to easily tolerate being out in it when it's 110. Or HOTTER.

This morning, before I blogged about the FBI, I blogged about all the alligators swimming in the lakes around here. I had alligators on my mind when I was in the pool this morning. I'm not very far from the Trinity River. My own Paranoid Personality Disorder had me worrying about alligators swimming with me this morning.

As I pondered gators, a cat walked into the pool zone. I said, "howdy kitty." This stopped it dead in its tracks. It stared at me, I stared at it.

The more I stared at the cat the more it looked like a cougar to me. A cougar kitty. We have cougars in these parts, but call them panthers. I've not seen one, but have spoken with locals who have.

I'm almost 100% certain that that was not a cougar kitty with me in the pool today. But, how can I know for sure?

A big wooded zone is right across the street from where I live. There is a lot of wildlife in there, snakes, possums, raccoons, rats, bobcats. I really don't think you have to have Paranoid Personality Disorder to worry that there might be a cougar or two living in my nearby woods.

Today Elsie Hotpepper and I are thinking of leaving the country. To go where? I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

It probably is a cougar kitty. Your fracking friends across the street drive out all kinds of wildlife every time they fire up the noise/pollution makers.

somaphx said...

Several weeks ago on my daughter's FB wall I saw a photo shot behind her place in W. Palm Beach: a beautiful sleek spotted cat, which she posted as a bobcat sighting, depsite its long tail evident in the pic (been awhile since she desert-dwelled).

I posted that it appeared to be a juvenile Florida Panther, also known as the Eastern Cougar. Why accept Mom's call when she has 300 FB friends, all experts? It was later confirmed as a young panther.

So you two are thinking of bailing? The problem w/this -- as you correctly identified -- is to where?

My schoolteacher Shafter friend, Kevin, and I share a dream of splitting our forthcoming Lotto winnings (ya gotta BeLieve!) and living on the beautiful, deserted beach 35 mi. south of Puerta Vallarte .... think wet salty air, white sand, palm fronds flapping in the ocean breeze, red, orange, deep blue & magenta tequila sunsets....silence, peace. Mmmmm.