Monday, May 31, 2010

Are Memorial Day BBQs Contributing To The Texas Level Orange Air Pollution

Almost a year ago, in a 4th of July related event, the section of the Tandy Hills you're looking at here, burned. In olden times the prairie was renewed, regularly, by wildfires, keeping the prairie healthy and burning off bad stuff.

You can see how wildfires were a good thing, by looking at the change in this Tandy Hills location, compared to the unburned zone.

I did not overheat today. It was a pleasant experience. It helped that it was breezy and only in the mid-80s.

I won't be swimming tomorrow morning. My pool has had a major malfunction. Something was not done right when the pool was re-lined and now the filter is clogged. This may be a quick fix. Or not.

It being Memorial Day, in my immediate vicinity, the smoke from multiple BBQs is contributing, in a pleasant way, to the Level Orange Air Pollution.


somaphx said...

Ah, the finely spun aromas of mesquite, charcoal and carbon monoxide .... Gotta love it!

The aftermath of recent area brushfires are visible everywhere. The emerging new green is the only thing out there the cattle & antelope are feeding upon.

Curiously, not a single rabbit spotted anywhere, although I have a new feral here feeding with my bird population: a skinny juvenile wild chicken, from where I don't know.

I'm fattening it, tho' I know sooner or later Shiner will spot her. A former alley feral herself, she never misses.

Durango said...

A we gonna BBQ that wild chicken once you get it fattened up? If it survives all your predators?

somaphx said...

A little while ago, otherwise preoccupied w/Zero Day Whitepapers & botnet cyberZombies, self-mutating code, I heard the flutter of wings at The Cave door .... tip-toed around the bowflex to find the feral chicken (could be a baby rooster, I'm now thinking, upon closer inspection) accompanied by two Mexican Mourning doves -- inside -- feasting on Shiner's 3-bowl kitty smorgasborg!

They entered thru the hole I cut in the screen for Her Highness. Five nights ago at 3 a.m., got up from the desk to shoo out a wild cat (I thought) -- turned out to be a young female skunk. She wasn't timid about wanting to stay.

My Marfa Cave is just another front for Hotel California ....