Friday, April 23, 2010

The Trinity River Is On My Mind Thanks To The Star-Telegraph

The Fort Worth Star-Telegraph, please make note, that is Star-Telegraph, not Star-Telegram, blogged a quite excellent commentary today, inspired by watching the KERA Earth Day special about the Trinity River and the bizarre plan, hatched back in the 1960s, that would have turned the Trinity River into a Billion Dollar Ditch.

The Star-Telegraph compares that decades old Trinity River politician driven Boondoggle with the modern era Trinity River politician driven Boondoggle known as the Trinity River Vision.

The decades old Trinity River Boondoggle was put to a stop via a method that shocked the local political hierarchy. The public was allowed to vote and they voted NO!

The public has not been allowed to vote on the current Fort Worth Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

Til now, sort of.

The Star-Telegraph strongly endorses the election of Adrian Murray and John Basham to the Tarrant Regional Water Board. They are the closest the locals have to getting to vote on the latest Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

The other reason the Trinity River is on my mind is due to Betty Jo Bouvier begging me to STOP, in big bold red letters, telling her about the critters that lurk in Texas, on land and in the water. Betty Jo lives very near a river that is quite a bit larger than the Trinity River.

Betty Jo's river is called the Skagit River. A lot of fish called Salmon swim in the Skagit River. Huge fish called Sturgeon have been known to swim in the Skagit. But the Skagit River has no critters like the Garfish, that you can catch in the Trinity River.

Sorry, Betty Jo, I know you told me to STOP, but the picture at the top of a Garfish, fresh out of the Trinity, was too good not to share.


Anonymous said...

Can you eat a Garfish? I just can't imagine.....

Durango said...

Anonymous, I think Garfish is edible. Tastes like chicken. Or is that rattlesnake?

Jovan Gonzales said...

Is a garfish an Alligator Gar? Because I saw this thing on the Trinity that says that it's the only river where they grow. They're fish with an alligator snout AND TEETH!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Texas has weird stuff. Maybe the pollution in the Trinity lends itself to mutations? HAHA! Ah. The lovely rivers of Washington. I want some Salmon now, thanks!

Durango said...

Jovo, yes, a Garfish is an Alligator Gar. I have only seen one once, in Village Creek in Arlington. Creepiest thing I have ever seen in water.

I want salmon now too. Been awhile. Fresh caught, I mean, not that frozen stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great sorcerer of BS
Garfish are not alligator Gar.

Texas is home to alligator gar.
So all you have seen are alligator gar.

Of course who cares?

You are entertaining not authoritative.

Durango said...

Anonymous at 11:43am. Thank you for going to the trouble of correcting my serious disinformation. On my one and only encounter with a "gar" the person pointing it out to me called it a "garfish."

Thank you for finding me non-authoritative, but entertaining.

Gar the Fish according to