Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does Hell Have No Fury Like A Fort Worth Congresswoman Scorned?

I got a couple comments from Anonymous this morning. I thought I might turn the comments into Blogging Fodder, so I did not hit the "PUBLISH" button on them.

That and there was a sort of not niceness to Anonymous that I figured if you want to be not nice, do so not as Anonymous.

One of the Anonymous comments was to this morning's blogging about the hell of experiencing the fury of a scorned woman.

The other Anonymous comment was to the blogging of a day or two ago where I indicated I was Fed Up with Texas and was plotting my escape and return to civilization.

One of the things I mentioned being Fed Up with was Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision and the corrupt way this vision has been foisted on Fort Worth. I mentioned Fort Worth Congresswoman Kay Granger and her boy, J.D., who she had installed, though he had no qualifications to do so, to run the $1 billion TRV project.

Prior to the blogging about being Fed Up, I'd blogged in more detail about Kay Granger and the Trinity River Vision and Kay Granger's efforts to solve the flash flooding problem in the Haltom City watershed zone, with legislation requiring the installation of weather radios in new trailers.

If I remember right I heaped a good dose of SCORN on Congresswoman Granger in those bloggings. I believe I used the word "loopy."

I'm thinking the 2 Anonymous comments I got today, regarding scorned Texas women and me leaving Texas, came from Kay Granger or one of her minions.

In the Fed Up Anonymous comment Anonymous indicated that it was great that I was leaving Texas, advising me to leave soon and to be careful not to let the door hit me on the butt.

Very original.

Anonymous also opined that, I'll quote this one directly by copying and pasting, "I feel sure that the average IQ of both Texas and the state you move to will both increase."

It was when I read the loopy comment, between the quotation marks, that it looked to have Kay Granger's earmarked fingerprints all over it. The poor woman has no clue she makes no sense. It's sad really that the Fort Worth Oligarchy uses such a person as a puppet.

The Scorned Woman comment was something like go back to Washington and leave Texas women alone.

I'd forgotten, til today's Anonymous comments jarred my memory, that I got a comment a long time ago, with the person not being Anonymous, but instead claiming to work for Congresswoman Granger. Obviously I've no way to verify such a thing. An inquiry to Granger's office only generates gibberish responses.

Anyway, that long ago comment was in reaction to me making a rather obvious joke about the little train that runs through Fort Worth's Trinity Park.

I'm sorry I have felt compelled to scorn Congresswoman Granger, but her fury really does not seem all that hellish to me. Maybe when we have our dinner date I'll get to experience the Full Fury.

I'm all atwitter in anticipation at experiencing some Hellish Loopy Fury.


Anonymous said...

No, this morning's comments were not from Ms. Granger or her minions.

You are simply a complete moron, IMHO, that has no idea what he is in reference to when it come to the South, and particularly to Texas and Texans.

Go home; just as quickly as you can!

Durango said...

Well, I've heard from this morning's Anonymous again, telling me this morning's comments were not from Ms. Granger or her minions.

Anonymous also informed me that I am simply a complete moron, who, I'll copy and paste this part, "has no idea what he is in reference to when it come to the South, and particularly to Texas and Texans."

If you can make sense of the line in quotes you are a better gibberish translator than I, the moron.

Why does Anonymous, apparently so ardently, read the blog of someone he/she thinks is a moron? That seems pretty moronic to me.

Rather moronic to leave moronic Anonymous comments telling someone they are a moron. Moronic and funny.

I wasn't going to hit the publish button on this latest from Anonymous, but I just did....